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Spread across 700 stunning acres in Paradise Valley near North Yellowstone, we're proud to be stewards of a legacy over 100 years in the making. We've taken great care to preserve the initial promise of Chico Hot Springs as the kind of place that feels like home, even when you're miles away from it. Coming here isn't just about visiting Montana or even our hot springs; it's about experiencing something special. Something that only exists in our little slice of Paradise.

Here, you can only arrive as a guest once—because once you do, you're family. 

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Our Story Est. 1900

Our story begins at the very start of the 20th century, when a prim Victorian woman and her rugged husband—Percie and William E. Knowles—opened what would become known as the Chico Warm Springs Hotel. The promise of a good soak, a clean bed, and a fine meal drew fortune seekers prospecting the surrounding gold mines, and soon enough the lodge expanded from 10 rooms to 20. Before long, Chico was a destination that was an absolute must for anyone making the trek to Yellowstone. No one could pass up the opportunity for a restorative soak in the hot springs, a delicious hot meal cooked up by Percie, and an evening or two spent dancing the night away on the hill above the hotel.

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Our Story Hot Springs & Health Spas

After Bill Knowles passed away in 1912, Percie pursued her original dreams of running a health spa. Dr. George A. Townsend, a big believer in the hot springs' healing elements, came on board. Throughout his time at Chico, he worked on cases as small as the common cold and as extensive as the region's first successful brain surgery, and a 20-room hospital wing was added to the northeastern end of the hotel. Dances on the hill continued, though, as did the attendance of the hotel’s original clientele. Guests were encouraged to stay overnight and spend their days hunting and fishing in the nearby acreage. Deluxe tents were eventually added to keep up with demand. 

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Our Story Chico Changes Hands

After Dr. Townsend’s retirement, Chico became more of a health spa than a hospital. Percie’s son Radbourne and his wife Agnes Sophia took over the property, and ultimately sold it in 1948. From the early 50s through 2015, Chico was reinvented many times—as a church camp, guest ranch, bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, roadhouse, retreat center, and romantic inn—before finally becoming a destination resort and spa. Mike and Eve Art rescued the property from ruin in 1973, revitalizing the space and launching the restaurant that put us on the map for fine dining in Montana.

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Our Story Today, Tomorrow, & What’s Next

A lot of things have changed at Chico in the near-century that these doors have been open. And yet, in many ways, it often feels like nothing has changed at all. We’re proud to carry the legacy that first started in 1900, offering guests fantastic service and exceptional value. Just as the first proprietors learned, we know that folks will still travel far for a good soak and a fine meal.

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Protecting Our Paradise Environmental Sustainability

As proud members of our local community, we make an active effort to practice sustainability by:

  • Reducing paper waste through composting, and recyclable or biodegradable containers.
  • Maintaining close partnerships with local farms and ranches in order to serve Montana-grown ingredients, reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging local commerce.
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Economic Sustainability

We love our team, and we're not afraid to show it. We make it a priority to play a strong philanthropic role in our community as a supportive employer, offering competitive wages, benefits, and security to our dedicated staff. 

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Social Sustainability

A love of our local community lies at the heart of everything we do. We work to support community events, schools, and programs within the region.

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Chalets + Caboose

Near Camp Conestoga, our cabins and railroad caboose are tucked away into the surrounding nature.

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Fisherman’s Lodge

Perched on the hill above the gardens, the Fisherman’s lodge is close enough to feel central—and lonesome enough to feel worlds away.

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Camp Conestoga

Our glamping wagons are located north of the main lodge, tucked away into their own private camp.

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Main Historic Lodge

Our central building, home to our most historic—and authentically Old West—accommodations.

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Lower Lodge

Elegant lodgings that lie just north of our resort’s center, near the gift shop and espresso bar.

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Warren Wing

This two-story wing overlooks the front lawn and connects to the Historic Main Lodge via the first floor.

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Join the Chico Family

Are you an enthusiastic and high-energy individual looking to join a dynamic team? We offer competitive wages, medical benefits, and incredible perks like subsidized on- and off-property housing, access to our renowned hot springs, and complimentary shift family meals. Sound like your dream job? Explore our open positions below and apply today!

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