a house with a large front yard
a garden with colorful flowers

The Gardens

Farm to Table Freshness

At Chico, we’re all about keeping things local as much as we can—and what could be more local than our own backyard? Our extensive gardens produce abundant vegetables and flowers, thanks to rich soil that’s heated by the geothermal runoff from the natural hot springs. Our culinary team takes it from there, plucking seasonal produce straight from the gardens and using it to craft up the flavorful dishes in our restaurant and dining outlets. 

Our geothermal greenhouse helps us further extend the high country growing season so that we have more produce available all year-round, like vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh herbs. Chico’s gardens are also essential for nourishing local honey bees and monarch butterflies. 

Visit us in the summer for guided garden tours, and a first-hand look at how we take care of our own natural abundance.